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Jerky, Smoked, Uncured Meats

Our heritage pasture raised pork promises you rich old-fashioned flavour.  We raise our pigs the old fashioned way, with constant access to sunshine, fresh air and pasture, all their lives.  Our pork comes from native heritage breeds and Duroc breeds.  The pigs have never received antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, animal by-products or chemical insecticides.  There is no GMO corn or soy in their feed.

Our uncured and smoked meats:

  • Do not use nitrites or nitrates, sulfites, sodium erythorbate or other preservatives.
  • We only use natural smoke and salt as preservatives.
  • We do not use fillers, MSG, or gluten. 
  • We use natural hog casing. 
  • Smoked in a traditional smokehouse using guava wood.
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