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Where does your meat really come from? About the Philippine Cattle Industry

Where does your meat really come from?Here’s the rundown: I will just discuss three of the most common kinds of beef in the Philippines: (1) Local grain-fed; (2) Imported Beef; and (3) Local grass-fed.The kind of meat we have in the market, the meat we grew up with and have grown to love, and [...]

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Understanding Meat Labels: Grass Fed, Pastured, and Organic

Confused about all the novel terms for meat? There’s “organic” and “grass-fed,” or “pasture raised.” What does it all mean? Grass-fed Beef This really means your cow are raised on pasture and fed grass. The cattle’s diet consists of grass, the natural diet of cows. You are what you eat. Cattle that spend their lives grazing on [...]

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