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Grilled Grass Fed Tenderloin

Some people think grass-fed beef is tougher and drier that regular beef. That's ONLY IF you don’t handle it properly. We know otherwise. You can have a really flavorful, tender, juicy & yet lean steak, that's IF, you know how to cook it. We've tried several ways but we think this is the best way:


The cooking term is Sous-vide (French for "under vacuum") What we do is (1) Season the meat (we use olive oil, sea salt and pepper, you can use grass fed butter or beef fat too; (2) Put it in airtight plastic bags and drop it in a water bath of 55-60 degrees C for a long time. Have tried it from 6-12 hours. (Some have done it for days!) This allows you to cook the steak evenly and keep it juicy; (3) When it’s done, sear it!

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